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Code of Ethical Conduct

This code has been developed to guide behaviours that align with ethical principles of the NZHGPA.

 Why do we have a Code of Ethical Conduct?

The NZHGPA believes that everyone involved in our sport is here because of a shared passion for flying and care for the people involved.

To protect our access to sites and airspace, ensure our continued ability to fly, develop safe and enjoyable flying practices within the community, and maintain harmonious relationships with each other, it is important that the NZHGPA has a culture of responsible and trustworthy behaviour

Our actions impact the way people view and deal with us as pilots - how we behave is how our sport is seen. This affects the level of trust our members, potential members, regulators and communities have in us, and the relationships they are prepared to form with us.

Our Code of Ethical Conduct is designed to facilitate behaviour and decisions aligned to the Objectives outlined in our Constitution, and to promote high ethical standards, so that we protect our reputation and the reputation of our sport.


 Core Principles and Behaviours

 Members engaging in flying activities shall, at a minimum:

  1. Respect the rights, dignity, worth and privacy of others.
  2. Be fair, considerate, and honest in dealings with all NZHGPA members, officials, administrators and the general public.
  3. Avoid bullying, harassment or discriminating behaviour toward others.
  4. Display a positive attitude to flight safety, and encourage this in others.
  5. Encourage and assist others to develop good attitudes, skills and knowledge.
  6. Sell only safe and serviceable equipment that is suitable to the buyer in terms of safety, ability and use.
  7. Maintain familiarity with the NZHGPA Operations and Procedures Manual and Constitution, to ensure compliance with the regulations as required by law. This includes only engaging in activities for which they are qualified and competent.
  8. Avoid flying if they are impaired for any reason, whether due to lifestyle factor, legal or illegal substance.
  9. Create a sporting environment free of unlawful activity, e.g. drugs and violence

How Does It Work?

Our policy commits us all to the same standards and promotes transparency. 
Oubehaviours should be aligned to the NZHGPA’s Objectives and guide how we act while we are carrying out our sport 

When Something Goes Wrong:

  1. Call out poor behaviour directly
  2. Contact the police for criminal or civil matters
  3. Contact your Club if there is a local issue
  4. Contact the Association if there is a national issue. File a Disciplinary Complaint, in accordance with Section 9 of the Constitution, if applicable.
 NZHGPA has an expectation that pilots will behave in accordance with this Code of Ethical Conduct and has the authority to respond if complaints are filed regarding breaches of NZHGPA rules and bylaws. Processes are outlined in the Constitution, and will be conducted in a manner respectful of privacy

Authority to deal with many social issues is outside the remit of the executive office. Members are encouraged to use appropriate community services for serious breaches e.g. the use of violence towards another is a police matter

Where incidents are not breaches of law or NZHGPA rules, members are encouraged to support each other to adhere to the Code, use local Clubs where more formal discussion and education can be facilitated and where senior members of the club may be able to ameliorate any harm e.g., in relationships with landowners

Who is accountable?

Were all expected to act in accordance with the ethical standards in the policy.

We could be putting our future flying, sites and safety of our membership or the public at risk if we dont.



NZHGPA Complaints Process for Trial April 2021
NZHGPA Complaints Process