Flying Sites

There are many great flying sites in every region of New Zealand. These are controlled and administered by Local Clubs who negotiate agreements for access and usage with the owners or government bodies. Many sites have very strict rules concerning the land access or airspace. Please familiarise yourself with the rules for any site you wish to visit by contacting the local club pilots or an instructor at the Hang Gliding Schools or Paragliding Schools before flying. Please DO NOT PUT OUR SITES AT RISK, CHECK FIRST BEFORE FLYING.

Site listings can be found on some club websites Local Clubs and the Paragliding New Zealand and Paragliding Earth websites. This is publicly available information and as such it can be incomplete, incorrect or misleading. The NZHGPA does not necessarily endorse the use of any of the sites listed here and it is the pilots responsibility to check all information before flying any site.

Site Notices