XAlps 2019

The Red Bull X-Alps is the "toughest adventure race in the world", running every two years since 2003. About thirty international hand picked athletes hike and fly through the Alps from Salzburg to Monaco from 16-29 June, 2019. This year two athletes have been selected from New Zealand.

NZL1 Nick Neynens is supported by his brother Ben and his mum. He finished in the top ten in 2015 and 2017 and has been flying for over a decade. sharemyjoys.com facebook youtube instagram patreon

NZL2 Kinga Masztalerz is supported by her partner Chris. She has only been flying since 2014 and this will be her debut xalps.

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Lorraine Johns [email to be supplied] is supporting us from New Zealand with media.

The Red Bull X-Alps is an amateur event with no financial support for entrants.

We are approaching the NZHGPA for funding, however this will not cover most of our expenses for us and our supporters (airfares, car hire, road costs, food, accommodation, fees, etc).

If you would like to contribute we have both set up accounts for donations

NZL1 Nick with his supporters Ben and Mum, and

NZL2 Kinga with her supporter Chris

Thank you!