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Website FAQ

I don't know my password to the members area. How can I get it?

Go to the members area enter your NZHGPA PIN and click login, your password will be emailed to the address held on the database.

How do I login to the forum?

You must register to use the forum. The username and password are separate from those used for the members area.

How do I renew my membership?

Login to the members area and click the "Renew membership" button.

Why can't I see the Timeline?

Your browser has detected certain types of content on the page coming from insecure channels and has automatically prevented the content from loading. You should see a shield icon Insecure content shield icon appearing in the address bar. You can choose to override the alert for the page by clicking the shield and then clicking Load anyway.

How can I provide feedback about the website?

For comments or issues relating to this web site please email adriel.nzhgpa@gmail.com

How do I go about providing content for the website?

In the first instance get in contact with Adriel Kind, Content Manager, and let him know what you have in mind.
Find out here how affiliated Clubs and Schools can contribute.

Can I receive email notifications of news and notices?

Yes you can. Simply go to the relevant Blog and enter your Email address in the Follow by Email form and click Subscribe. Whenever there is a new post you will receive it via Email. You can subscribe to as many Blogs as you want.

How can I contribute video to the NZHGPA YouTube Playlist?

Upload your video to your YouTube account then share it with the NZHGPA by emailing the link to NZ HGPA.